Commercial Plumbing Problems

The plumbing in your home or business is SO important; it keeps things running smoothly, prevents disease and infection and is a truly precious resource that must not be taken for granted.

If you need assistance with your plumbing or septic tank, don’t wait any longer! At Bio-Safe Organics, we are the world’s leading specialists in septic solutions and can help you with any plumbing or septic tank issue you may be experiencing.

Backed by over 65 years of research and development, we use cutting-edge technology that can resolve even the most complex plumbing problem while using tried and tested DrainFix products such as the 5 gallon bucket. Our state-of-the-art methods were developed by the same team of scientist that cleaned the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill!

What can DrainFix do for me?

Drainfix Treated Septic Systems

Clean all your commercial plumbing organically and without use of harsh chemicals

  • Stop AND prevent biogenic sulfide corrosion as well as preventing sewage accumulation in pipes – this prevents deadly sewer gas and noxious odors that can become overwhelming.

  • Remove and decontaminate any sewage from Pipes without plumbers and without harming pipes!

  • Protect everyone from deadly sewer gas and sewage germs

Drainfix 5 Gallon Bucket
Commercial Septic Treatment
Commercial Septic Treatment Plant

Commercial Septic Tank and Heavy Duty Sewage Cleaner

  • Treat, maintain and eliminate all septic problems and failures to ensure your systems are working effectively.

  • Eliminate expensive septic pumping and repair costs associated with other traders by offering completive pricing.

  • Maintain your commercial system to avoid heavy health fines and code enforcement.

  • Eliminate odors, backups, and clogs and restore your drainage.

  • Protect your well and prevent the contamination and devaluation of your property.

Made by the Same Team of Scientists who helped clean Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Real Case Studies

Featured Case Study

We saved $30,000 in septic replacement costs.

She had a flooded Drainfield and we dried up her flooding Drainfield with surface water that was flowing into her cul de sac shared a driveway with her neighbors.

She had a family of 8 we saved her $30,000 USD.

Septic Treatment

“Bio-Safe Organics saved the drain field of my septic system. My septic tank kept back flowing into the house. Just to keep it going we needed monthly pump outs. Professional inspectors told me that my septic system had failed and that I would need to run a new drainfield. I shocked the system with Bio-Safe Organics and continue monthly maintenance and it’s been perfect ever since. Thank you Bio-Safe Organics, you saved me thousands of dollars!!!”

Shae Lynn Saur, Floresville, TX USA

“I am so glad that I found your products. I was having odors in the house and in the yard. I shocked my septic tank with your DrainFix and in only 3 days the odor is gone and the toilets are flushing normal again. I must admit I was a little leery of the product at first but I am going to use this product from now on.”

Kevin Storey
Septic Treatment

Drainfix for Commercial Plumbing and Septic Tank Cleaning Services

5 – Gallons

For maintenance and complete restoration of commercial plumbing, septic systems of all commercial establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, kennels, nursing homes, apartment complexes, prisons, municipal buildings, landfills, funeral homes, clinics, grease trap, industries, drain lines, down pipes, portable-toilets, sewage treatment plants, lift stations, sewage trucks, septic tanks, marinas, recreational vehicles, wet wells, fountains, ponds, schools & more!

Don’t Throw Your Money Away

Save money and avoid expensive repairs with Bio-Safe Organics. Click here to get in touch with us for professional and friendly advice. The amazing DrainFix technology works in any septic system including cesspools, holding tanks, drywells, grease traps, aerobic, sand mounds, lagoons, and more.