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Our Products

Organics Soap Line

Our extensive range of Bio-Safe Organics products can be safely used throughout your home or workplace. We stock everything from exceptional all-purpose cleaners, wonderful carpet cleaners, strong drain cleaners, colorful and unique soaps and many other effective and safe-to-use products. Click here to find out more about our brilliant range of home cleaning products.

Bio-Safe Organics is now available to buy from retail stores as well as being available to you in our online shop. It couldn’t be easier to get the best natural and eco-friendly cleaning products that money can buy.

Our Specialized Cleaners

We use cutting edge science and technology to bring you the perfect eco-friendly cleaning products. Normal chemicals found in a number of household cleaners coat the surface with chemicals but fail to go deep into pores and cracks where the dirt is embedded.

However, our biological cleaner does a much better job by penetrating all areas, leaving no stone unturned without nasty chemicals. In particular, our carpet cleaner is highly advanced in removing stains from fabric and carpet. To find out more about our effective carpet cleaner, click here.

All our cleaning products are 100% safe to use in your home and hotel or restaurant business – they are tailored to both industrial and home cleaning creating a shiny and healthy environment. To find out more about our commercial cleaning product range for your hotel or restaurant business, click here.

Our People

First and foremost, at Bio-Safe Organics, our company mission is to provide eco-friendly, safe and effective cleaning products available to purchase around the world. Inspired by new technologies and taking your needs on board, our experienced and professional laboratory team is constantly testing and formulating new products as well as improving existing products for your benefit.

Our excellent product performance in the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup is one example of how our innovative and forward-thinking ideas come to life. Our main goal is your satisfaction, which is why we go above and beyond to create excellent eco-friendly powerful, safe products that are perfect for all your needs – at home or on a commercial level.

Customer testimonials

I have been using your All Purpose cleaner for a few months now for cleaning my porcelain sinks, painted walls, porcelain toilets, fiberglass bathtub with outstanding results. Previously I’ve used Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser and Polish plus Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner to clean the sinks and tub. Now I’ve discovered all I need is your product to do all the cleaning leaving the surfaces glossy clean, I am so impressed. Now I would like to purchase again to continue to make my work easy. ” Sincerely,

Crystal Reynolds, Marquette, Michigan

It’s amazing what this Drainfix product is doing for our grease trap. It’s great to look into the pit and see no build up. Thanks!

Making another order of 5 buckets hoping for 6.
Thanks again.

Russell Jones, JCPenney HQ

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