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Why Hotels, Restaurants and Commercial Plumbers need to know about Drainfix

What is Biogenic Sulfide Corrosion?

If you have a septic tank on your property, you need to be aware of the hazards of Biogenic Sulfide Corrosion. This is a form of corrosion caused in your pipes by sulphuric acid (created by bacteria). It ruthlessly attacks your steel and concrete fittings, and makes your kitchen and hotel facilities unsanitary and unfit for use.

In addition to creating a ripe environment for water-borne illnesses, biogenic sulphide corrosion can produce disgusting odours, sewage floods and even explosions of built-up gases. No business can afford to ignore these potential reputation-ruining problems.

Sadly, most plumbers do not understand this danger

The sewage that backs up in your septic tank and pipes contains more than 100 different strains of disease and viruses. This is one of the so-called ‘deadly secrets’ of the plumbing industry. While plumbers know how to fix many problems, when it comes to addressing Biogenic Sulfide Corrosion they often only mask the underlying problem, causing it recur again and again.

How Drainfix Works

Grease and waste accumulates resulting in slow or even complete clogged drains

Drainfix begins to eat though gunk and restores drain flow to full capacity

Regular use of Drainfix will keep your drainage system clean and healthy

Drainfix is Developed by our same team of scientist that helped cleaned
the Exxon valdez oil spill


needs to take heedsewage can kill

While sewage is certainly unsightly and smelly, hotels in particular need to take notice about just how dangerous sludge and other build-up in septic tanks can actually be. After Hurricane Katrina, one of the biggest health hazards for the citizens of New Orleans? The bacteria and germs present in sewage.

If your hotel operates on a septic system, or if you have a commercial kitchen on site, you need to get on top of this potential problem before it ever becomes an issue.


Every restaurant can benefit from Drainfix

When you leave your restaurant to go home at night, a whole new population moves in. That’s right – mice, rates, roaches and all kinds of germs are attracted to the open grease that you have left sitting out. If you think that plumbing is sufficient to keep your grease traps clean, you are sadly mistaken. You need to harness the power of Drainfix, an all-natural anaerobic bacteria solution that keeps your drains and pipes free of bacteria and eliminates pests.

If you wait too long to take action, your annual health inspection will find all of these problems, and your kitchen will receive a failing grade. In addition to the health inspector’s alarm at your potential rodent problem, they will likely be concerned about your potential to give your diners food poisoning and other health maladies. Take action now.

Commercial Septic

needs to take heedsewage can kill

In addition to being safe and easy on the environment, Drainfix is also one of the most powerful commercial drain cleaners on market. In fact, it is the only product available that can get rid of Biomat, a black tar-like substance comprised of black sludge, oil and sewage. Our patented solution takes care of Biomat (and all kinds of other toxic wastes) with a proprietary strain of grease-digesting bacteria.

We utilise the same compounds found the products effectively clean the tragic Exxon Valdez Oil spill. Get rid of smell, bacteria, toxins and sludge – Drainfix safely does the job in minutes.


A safe and natural alternative to harsh chemicals

New Improved Patented Formula! Now even Stronger! Made by same the team of Scientists who helped clean
the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill! Drainfix is the latest technology in Grease Trap Maintenance.

Over 500 Trillion lab cultivated Bacteria/Enzymes work to completely remove FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) and Sewage rapidly and safely.

  • Fast acting! See results in no time!

  • Rapidly degrades fats/oils/grease from grease traps and drain lines.

  • Helps Reduce/Eliminate Pumpouts

  • Keeps your facility clean and free of contaminants, protecting food sources.

  • Easily applied manually, or automatically dispensed using one of our Bio-Injectors.

For maintenance of all commercial establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, kennels, nursing homes, apartment complexes, prisons, municipal buildings, landfills, funeral homes, clinics, grease trap, industries, drain lines, down pipes, portable-toilets, sewage treatment plants, lift stations, sewage trucks, septic tanks, marinas, recreational vehicles, wet wells, fountains, ponds, schools & more!

Dispense drainfix Trap Cleaner & Grease Digester
automatically with one of our Bio-Injectors.

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Electric operated

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