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At Bio-Safe Organics, powerful, effective and eco-safe products are at the core of everything that we do. If you’re a retailer, we’d love to give you the opportunity to stock some of the leading and most economically friendly cleaning products currently available on the market.

BioSafe Organics Cleaning

We Cater to all!

No matter what industry your business is in, we’re here to help. Our products are suitable for every type of businesses from supermarkets to restaurants to hardware shops and everything in between!

We offer great savings and competitive discounts when you buy in bulk. All you need to do is get in touch to find out more about how we can help you offer some of the most cutting-edge cleaning products in your business.

Our Retail Products

Specialized Cleansers

Our extensive range of cleaning products will be a hit with your customers as they will perform to keep both their home and the environment clean.

You can offer our range of beautiful soaps, all-purpose cleaners, carpet and floor cleaners and surface and worktop cleaners.

BioSafe Organics Cleaning
BioSafe Organics Cleaning

Drainfix Grease Trap Cleaner

Aside from Having the Best Commercial, Residential, Draincare, Grease Trap, and Septic products ever made we also provide grease trap dispensing machines. Our Bio-Injectors provide a wonderful means to dispense our Drainfix very easily.

We have a fantastic all natural cleaning experiences which surpass normal performance and quality of standard retail and commercial products on the market due to our superior high-level biotechnology in how we formulate our products. Our laundry products upcoming are high quality as with all our products will offer a very eco-friendly more efficient better more effective products.


Our ever popular range of soft and luxurious soap bars are always a hit. We use centuries old tried and tested methods that are known for their regenerative and healing properties for each of our 20 soaps. With a mix of fresh organic ingredients and essential oils, our soap selection is the perfect addition to your stock.

We have 20 lovely soaps to choose from – here are some examples of the current blends we offer:

  • Woodland Cocktail
  • Beautiful Blood Orange
  • Calendula & Tea Tree
  • Citrus Lavender Love
  • Comfrey Dreams
  • & more…

Our organic soap range is good for skin, drains and the environment.

BioSafe Organics Cleaning

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