B.O.S.S. Bio-Safe Organics Septic Solution & Drain Care



America’s Most Powerful Drain Cleaner

  • Strongest Multi-Use Bio Cleaner and Septic Maintenance Product in the World.
  • Non-Caustic, Non-Corrosive Waste and Grease Eliminator.
  • Superior Alternative to Dangerous Chemical Drain Openers.
  • Highly Specialized Friendly Bacteria and Enzymes.
  • Helps Clean and Eliminate Organic Waste: Grease, Fats,
    Protein, Hair, Soap Scum, etc.
  • Formulated to get Rid of Clogs, Backups, Odors, Slow Drainage and Frequent Pump-outs.
  • Helps Prevent Ground and Well Water Contamination.
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Keep Your Drains Running Smoothly. Keep your Septic System Clean, Clear And Free From Contamination! Works in all types of Septic Systems, Residential and Commercial Plumbing, Grease Traps, Appliances, Cesspools, RV’S, Boats, Holding Tanks, Dry Wells, Sewer Systems, etc.

Here is a product comparison video which explains why our B.O.S.S. Bio-Safe Organics Septic SolutionTM & Drain Care product is by far the better choice than other bacterial based septic products on the market. Are bacteria strains and formula are unique and patented by our Exxon Valdez scientists.

Customer Testimonials

Hello Bio-Safe, I just wanted to compliment you on your incredible products. Two years ago we moved from city out to the country. We knew nothing about septic systems— so we attributed the occasional  outside odor to “country air”. After talking with a neighbor, he suggested having our tank pumped (didn’t even know we had a tank). After having the tank pumped we still had the odor on occasion. We tried Rid-X, and a few other products which had no effect. I went on-line to find out how septic systems worked and came across your products. We did the mild shock on our system and within 2 days the odor was gone. It’s been
almost 2 weeks and still the smell is Null and Void. Now we really can enjoy the “country air” thanks to Bio-Safe Organics.
John Franklin,III, Orange, Va
Probably not hot topic of conversation but something probably MANY members have at their houses unless fortunate enough to have sewers. I’m on Long Island and all the places by me have mostly cesspools since it’s all sand underneath. My sister upstate has a septic tank. Those that have them know the issues that result when it fills up (think of the Meet the Parents movie).

I have been fortunate enough that in 10 years I only had to have it pumped twice, some neighbors have to have it done yearly or more. Many companies make the bacteria to add to system to help break down all the stuff we add everyday. Problem is all the new “antibacteria” soaps, bleach, etc. kill the good bacteria that is needed to make the system work properly. Most people with one of the systems know that you need to add some bacteria almost monthly to help maintain the systems.

The names Rid-X, Septic helper, etc. are probably the familiar ones and usually available locally at Home Depot, hardware stores and even supermarkets.

Through word of mouth I heard about Bio Safe Organics (www.biosafeorganics.com) so I decided to try it. As I just started using it a couple months ago it’s hard to tell but what I do know is that it is MUCH stronger (more bacteria) than Rid-X and Septic Helper (my previous products of use).

At my job I have access to a Microbiological Lab so I decided to bring samples of each to see how they grow. The lab plated all of them at different dilutions for me and I checked results 1 day and 2 days later. Since they are all “active” bacteria of course at full strength they all grew many colonies. The most diluted samples they did were at 1 in 10,000,000 (10^-7) which showed some big differences.

Septic helper had 1 colony after 1st day, 3 after 2nd day.
Rid-X had 4 colonies after 1st day, about 20 after 2nd day.
Bio Safe Organics had about 50 colonies after 1st day, 2nd day could not count because the entire dish was filled.

For the cost and strength I know what I’ll be using from now on. The only hard part for some is the $200 outlay to get the 3 year coverage. $10 bucks a month at local hardware store is always easier to swing but that’ also only when you remember to buy it. I add a bag everytime I make out a mortgage payment check. This way I know it goes in monthly. Rid-X is better than doing nothing but then I could have saved a couple grand and bought a Tahoe which is better than walking also. I chose Toyota for the long term and Bio Safe Organics I look at the same way. Pay me now, or Pay me more later to fix the other problems.

Bio-Safe Organics CustomerToyota Customer on Car Sales Forum, Discussion Starter Apr 6, 2006
OK Bill….I have waited for several months just to be sure what was going to happen before I wrote you to let you know if Bio-safe Organics corrected my septic problems. Drum roll please…..AND IT DID! You could push be over with a feather….your products actually work!! As you recall, my septic system was built in the early 70’s.

We purchased the house three years ago and I have had to have the septic pumped every yearÖ Around July. Well this year…around July the symptoms began…and I was desperate to have something done. My lot is VERY WOODED and on a steep grade and to top that, we can’t locate the drain field…so any additional drain system would be VERY EXPENSIVE! I had spoken to a septic person and he said it would be very expensive to fix. I am so glad I stumbled upon your products on the web. To be honest…although you appeared to be an honest and very nice guy, I really thought you were going to take my money and I’d still have my problem to fix. I had tried other products from Lowe’s and Home Depot….I might as well have burned the money for the good they did!
But I followed your instructions on shocking my system and have begun my monthly maintenance. Here it is November and the gurgling has gone, the toilets all flush, the washing machine doesn’t spill over onto the floor.

My daughter even brought her boyfriend home from college and we did ALL THEIR LAUNDRY….and still the septic system shows no signs of stress. THANK YOU!!

Bill: Please talk to your company about more visible advertising… this product needs to get into every persons hands that has a septic tank. You have saved me thousands of dollars… money I can really use since my daughter just announced her engagement!

Thanks again for your honesty, swift delivery and for being there to answer all my nit picky questions!
Please feel free to use me as reference for others that may want to talk to someone who has used your products before they make the decision to purchase them. I’m just amazed and would love to share my success with others.

Take care, Bill…

Danny Dixon, Louisburg , North Carolina
I have been using your product for about 2 years, now. I have used both the liquid and the dry powder packages. I used the liquid to seriously shock my septic system,  and have maintained the system with the dry product. When I first started using the BioSafe treatments, my system was on the verge of a major disaster. (I knew I had to do something fast, as I could not afford a major plumbing bill – my husband is disabled, and our income is completely based on his disability.) The drains were getting very sluggish and making odd sounds. The run-off lines were getting blocked from material that would not break down. I noticed a continual odor in the yard. The liquid product cleared up all indications of trouble…in a matter of days!! All the visible lines were perfectly clean and clear. I was so pleasantly surprised. I have been using the dry product to keep my system running the way it should. I still check all the lines, but I never find a problem. I use extra product when I know I will have more people in my house that the usual family members. As a matter of fact, when Katrina hit New Orleans, I had 2 extra families that took refuge at my house. That was 8 extra people. But, thanks to BioSafe, my septic system was worry-free. Believe me, that really means a lot, especially during times when you really need all the household plumbing functioning properly!

Thanks, again, for all your help. I appreciate the extra effort and attention each time we talk!

Susan Van Cleave, Yazoo City, MS


For Septic Usage: Use Monthly: (For every 1-5 persons) Pour ¼ box of B.O.S.S. (3/4 cup) once a month into toilet and flush.
For Drain Usage: Use Monthly: Pour 3 teaspoons of B.O.S.S. into drains followed by 4 cups of warm water. Let sit for several hours. For clogged pipes repeat every 2 hours as needed up to 3x a day. Repeat daily until problem subsides. Older homes may require more B.O.S.S. to clean out years of buildup.*


Ingredients: Trillions of Natural Proprietary Probiotic Bacteria (anaerobic and aerobic), enzymes, micronutrients, bran powder and other inert ingredients less than 1%.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye and skin contact. Flush eyes or skin with water if contact occurs. While our B.O.S.S. product is not harmful, if it is accidentally ingested, seek medical attention. People with respiratory conditions should avoid applying and breathing in product.
First Aid: If eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.

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