Septic System Treatment 36/2.5 OZ Monthly Bags


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Unique Exclusive Patented Bacterial/Enzyme Formula:
Trillions of Sewage Digesting Bacteria/Enzymes

  • Formulated to Clean Septic Systems and Drain Fields.
  • Helps Stop Backups, Clogs and Odors.
  • Works in All Types of Septic Systems and Drains.
  • Designed by Exxon Valdez Scientists.
  • New Fast Acting Dual Technology.
  • Strongest Septic Maintenance Product Available.
  • Formulated to Help Reduce Pump-outs.
  • Millions of Times Stronger than Other Products.
  • 100% Quality Assurance Guranteed – No Fillers Added.
  • Helps Protect Groundwater and Prevent Well Contamination.

Available on backorder

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Monthly Septic Maintenance Treatment – Bacterial/Enzyme Formula.

Keep Your Septic System Clean, Clear And Free From Contamination!
B.O.S.S. Is a Very Effective, Safe to Use, Exclusive Septic Formula. It Contains Highly Specialized Bacteria and Enzymes, that Clean and Remove Difficult To Dissolve Organic Waste: Grease, Fats, Protein, Hair and Soap Scum. B.O.S.S. Takes Charge of your Septic System by Getting Rid of Clogs, Backups, Odors, Slow Drainage, Frequent Pump-Outs while Protecting your Drain Field (soil). Other septic products only break sewage down, whereas B.O.S.S. Eliminates Waste by Liquefying it. B.O.S.S. is the Superior Alternative to Chemical Drain Openers. Millions Of Times Stronger Than Competitors!

B.O.S.S. Works In All Types Of Septic Systems and Drains: Residential and Commercial Septic Tanks, Drain fields, Cesspools, Dry Wells, Lagoons, Grey Water, Grease Traps, Plumbing, Sewers, RV’S, Boats, Holding Tanks, Sand Mounds, Sewage Treatment Plants, Kennels, Out Houses and many other applications (see inside box).


Use One (1) Bag of B.O.S.S. monthly for every 1-5 persons.
Pour contents of One (1) bag into main toilet and flush at night or when plumbing is not in use. It is safe to use more if needed.
For more information, see inside box or call 1-800-501-2706.


Ingredients: Trillions of Natural Proprietary Probiotic Bacteria (anaerobic and aerobic), enzymes, micronutrients, bran powder and other inert ingredients less than 1%.


Caution: Contains natural, safe, organic, non-disease causing beneficial bacteria/enzymes. May cause mild allergic reactions on skin or mucous membranes in some individuals. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. Avoid breathing dust from product. Avoid handling if you have a breathing condition or open wounds. First Aid: If eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from children, pets and animals.

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Weight 90 oz
Dimensions 8.61 × 11.14 × 5.51 in


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