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      New Improved Patented Formula! Now even Stronger! Made by same the team of Scientists who helped clean the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill! Drainfix is the latest technology in Grease Trap Maintenance.
    • Exclusive Proprietary Formula
    • Fast Acting! Digest Fats, Oils, Grease & Scum!
    • No Transfer of Grease into Sewage System
    • Reduces Drainage Maintenance & Pump-Outs
    • Safe for Humans, Pets and Plumbing
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      Highly effective bacterial-based hard surface cleaner. Unique patented formula by our Exxon Valdez Scientist offers powerful cleaning of all types of hard surface that are not damaged by water. Superior to chemical cleaners with high-performance patented deep-clean technology.
    • Remove dirt, grease, fats, proteins, sugars, starch & more.
    • Suitable for residential, institutional & industrial use
    • Removes stains on hard surfaces.
    • Pleasant fragrance, eco-safe & free from harsh chemicals.
    • 2.5 year shelf-life. 100% Guaranteed Quality.
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      Powerful Bacterial Enzyme Carpet & Textile Fabric Cleaner Cleans stains with immediate effect on carpet & fabric. Bacteria go below stain’s surface to remove stain & odor and keep fabric spotless.
    • Patented technology used by our Exxon Valdez Scientists.
    • Powerful, effective, long-lasting cleaning & odor control.
    • Safe and Effective on both Nylon & Wool Carpet.
    • Removes all stains including motor and synthetic oil, mustard, ketchup, fructose & syrup.
    • Eco-Friendly. 100% Guaranteed Quality.
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